Individual Support

Tickets Are Only Half the Story . . .  

If we had to produce our shows on half our budget what would you have us sacrifice - the first act or the second? The lights . . . the costumes . . . the sets? What would The Music Man be without music? The King and I without the King? A Christmas Carol without the Spirits? More importantly, what would any of our shows be without you? Without your support, your laughter, your tears and applause, our performers would only be operating on half of their energy. Just as an involved and enthusiastic audience breathes life into a performance, an invested and supportive patronage breathes life into our theater as a whole.

We need your help!  

Like most community theaters across this country, the LEP only realizes only some of its operating budget from ticket sales. The rest comes from public and private grants, fundraisers, corporate sponsorships and - most importantly - individual donors. Whether you  make an annual Donations, serve on one of our Volunteer Committees,or become a member of our BackStage community your support is important to our continued success.

Help us continue to keep the the performing arts alive and flourishing into the next generation!

Performance Sponsor donation.
To become a Performance Sponsor, contact Kelly at 918-617-6230 regarding this opportunity.
$150    per performance.
•    You will receive special recognition in the show program.
•    You will receive 2 tickets to the performance.
•    Preferred Seating

Building Donation

Our goal is to eventually build a new or renovate an existing property to create a beautiful and unique addition to our town, Eufaula. If you would like to contribute to the building fund - specifically, please make a notation when donating.

Click to make an online donation now. Your donations are tax deductible as we are a non-profit pending. If you prefer to make a donation through the Box Office, please call 918 617 6230
or mail to:
Lake Eufaula Playhouse
PO Box 764
Eufaula, Ok.  74432

If you would like information on how you can become a LEP Volunteer,

please contact us at 918-617-6230.